Policy & Procedures

sissy Academy Policy and Procedures

Here at the sissy Academy We pride Ourselves in turning out well trained sissy’s and sissymaids so that they will one day be worthy of placement with a Goddess Mistress of their dreams. This takes work and dedication. So be prepared to follow your assignments if you want to be able to succeed and pass your classes here.

  • All students are expected to attend all classes assigned to them. Failure to keep your assigned days & appointments with Principal Cummings could result in detention or worse! To include total expulsion from school. It is expected that all homework assignments be completed in a timely manner with all requirements enclosed. Students have the option of emailing their homework assignments to Principal Cummings inbox listings on nf or to My personal email account. Which is My personal preference.
  • If homework requires research on the Internet students MUST site the article, original author, and any reference links. Always document the source of your reference and give credit where credit is due. Students can pick-up their Course Syllabus and individual assignments in the Study Hall. Students need to be aware that sissy School homework is subject to being viewed by other students. Some Courses are several weeks long. (4-6 wks.)
  • The tuition for these courses Must be paid up front upon receiving your Syllabus for that course. Select tasks and assignments for these courses will be offered to deserving VIpets at a discount rate for students who follow protocol and register early.
  • Pop quizzes can be expected and there will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of each and every course, which will be carried out on cam via skype unless the student has been otherwise excused by Principal Cummings personally.
  • Students are required to come prepared for class. It’s up to you to see that you have all supplies, dildos, sissy journals, lube and any other tools needed for your class. you will come to each and every class in appropriate sissy attire or school uniform.
  • Students are encouraged though not required to earn extra credit’s in their classes. If you have any questions or concern you may feel free to contact Me at My offline email address. All communications will be kept private and confidential.
  • All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the sissy Academy Website and Mistress Cummings nf listings. Opportunities will be open for sissy’s to earn free minutes and other rewards via pop quizzes and games offered on the site so visit often and subscribe to this website feed.

See sissy Academy Rules for further instruction…

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