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Are you memorable?


While visiting a PSO forum today I happened to see comments on some pet peeves PSOs have. After reading the samples I will post below, it strikes Me that here at the sissy Academy I should also help you little subbies with your phone sex etiquette. So listen up ladybois and puppets everything on this site is susceptible to a pop quiz!

As you know under VIpets, which I now think W/we will make an official study hall assignment series, I have spoken about making yourself memorable to the Goddess of your dreams. (Go look it up on the site and familiarize yourself.)

The goal here is to help you to learn how to properly interact with your Goddess so that when you are in Her domain you will know how to please Her. Not yourself, not your ego, not even your fantasy ALL of that belongs to your Mistress or Goddess. It is NOT up to Her to impress you. As in real life, if you want the Goddess of your dreams to give you the time of day it is up to YOU to impress HER.

It’s up to you to make Her life less complicated. It’s up to you to obey and submit to Her will. Asking Her some of the things these Ladies speak of is not a submissive way to act and obviously you are clearly not working to please Her. you do yourself a great disservice when you don’t go out of your way to be of service to your Mistress and have something to bring to the table besides your ego and your pathetic cock. Here are but a few examples of how some of you act.

  • PSOs Statement: Why in the world would a guy expect you to remember him after 2 months, when he has only spoken with you once and the call lasted less then 2 minutes? I had one such caller today and he was asking me about our last time together and expected me to remember it. (He had spent less than $2.50 with her, ever! She goes on to say.) If you have to ask you know you are not very memorable.
  • Or this PSO Comment: It’s really difficult when a guy goes by a common name and I haven’t heard from him in months or sometimes even years. Then they want me to remember exactly who they are and what we talked about. I have over two dozen guys with the same name and they all have different fetishes and fantasies.
  • Another PSOs Comment: How about this one. You haven’t spoken to a guy in over 5 months and he calls and says, “You must speak with thousands of guys but I know you remember me.”
  • And this Goddess points out: You haven’t heard a peep out of a guy in 4-6 months and he calls and says, “Our last call was so hot. Can we do it again?”

Pets you have no idea how extremely common this is. If you want to have a fantasy with a happy ending you must do better than the examples above. These Ladies are not robots and it is humanly impossible for most of the population to be able to remember others, under these circumstances. As worthless and ditsy as W/we both know some of you are, try to exercise some common sense.

Remember you are here to win the attention and affections of your Goddess and Mistress and this is not the way you want to be thought of when She thinks of you.

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