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As a Mistress My demure may, at first, seem very patient and kind but make no mistake about it I am extremely Dominant and can be very controlling. Yet, I can be surprising warm when I am not in the company of an unmannerly, unreliable creature. I like to enjoy Myself and I won’t scream and holler to get your attention. Anyone bringing that kind of upheaval into My domain will be quickly dismissed.

Though scenes with Me can be quite intense at times. I strive to have fun in My sessions. Just don’t let My laughter lull you into thinking that My protocols are not still in place. you would be wrong and you don’t want to disappoint Me. I derive get pleasure in delving out punishment when punishment is due.

It’s true that I adore My sissy’s and I won’t go a day with out them in attendance. They will always have a special place in My heart as they mince around, trying so hard to please Me, and offering up every last shred of their masculinity. I hate the way I love their emasculation. The poor dears, they are so confused.

And that is what gave birth to the sissy Academy. My gurls need guidance to become the sissy’s they were meant to be and here at the sissy Academy they will receive that.

To believe that I only have room in My Dungeon for sissy’s is inaccurate. I have a wide range of fetishes that I enjoy.

Many submissive males seem to think that I “only” enjoy feminine sissy bois, as My play toys and you could not be more wrong about that. I enjoy a wide variety of bdsm skills and fetishes, not the least of which is electro play and pleasure and pain sessions. I love mind fucks and what is a session, at all, without a little objectification, humiliation and maybe some corporal punishment thrown in for good measure. I also enjoy needle play, mummification, bondage and you will find Me quite adept at sounds, My ET unit, cauterization, sensory deprivation (one of My favorites) medical and even knife play.

The truth is I am quite the sadist in the dungeon however, coming in contact with a true masochist who knows better then to come to the session without the proper equipment or trying to top from the bottom during a long distance training session, is rare. And, you need to be capable of being more than just a “sound bit” moaning and groaning your way through a phone call; to get My attention, because this is something I truly enjoy. Dare to come to session seeking some form of instant gratification and I assure you, you will not find that kind of satisfaction here.

I enjoy in the chemistry that exists between Me and those I allow to serve Me. The only real requirement that I have, in that regard, is that you must be a genuine submissive, sissy and/or slave who demonstrates a sincere desire to please, amuse, serve, obey Me.

It is not important to Me whether or not you are a novice or a serious player in the M/s scene. What matters to Me is that W/we share common interest and that you are willing to surrender all control over to Me. In addition, you must show that you have an understanding of Mistress and submissive protocols, show respect, be on your best behavior, follow My instructions and adhere to My rules and policies.These are all qualities of a true submissive and this is the quality I look for.

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