Privacy Policy

pac-2wmI play by SSC rules (Safe, Sane & Consensual) I believe that in order for a submissive to be able to let go of their inhibitions and give complete control over to Me, there must be trust. In that spirit, I take your privacy and everything you do here, with Me, very seriously. And I value the trust that you place in Me.

I will never sell, trade or share any of your images or personal information without first negotiating the terms with you, about the level of exposure you want to give these things. Though I do participate in blackmail fantasies, it is for the amusement and mutual gratification that I play the game. But beware, I am very persuasive and blackmail fantasies, with Me, can be very intense.(More on that later.)

you will see that over and over again I make, available to you, My personal email contact. I encourage you to use it. I own that email account and purchase it with added security specifically to protect you, your information, O/our sessions and to keep it away from any prying eyes, of curious individuals, going about their corporate duties.

As far as I am concerned, what goes on between U/us is private and confidential.


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