There you Are Still Straddling The Fence

opening-doorPart of you wants to sneak in and grab your favorite gurly outfit and go shopping at the Mall. And another part of you wants hide your ladyboi self from the world, god forbid should anyone find out that you’re just a little sissy inside. You have been such a good gurl today, once again pretending to be a boi.

You went to work and put on those horrible man clothes and all you really wanted was to feel the rustle of your lacy panties underneath your trousers. It’s just not fair! And I agree with you. Only a real man should be able to wear man clothes but you My pet you are just a sissy and you need to be able to find your own place in life.

What you need is a strong Mistress to guide you and show you the way. Now report to My office at once, sissy gurl! The Head Mistress, Principal Cummings, is waiting sissy and She has left the door open, just for you.


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Winter Solstice Is Upon Us

Happy Holidays From Head Mistress Principal Alexandria CummingsWinter Solstice is upon U/us and as if it couldn’t possibly get any worse for some of you little dick wonders, your pathetic cocks are actually shriving up even smaller! I know that you try really hard to make it look like it could amount to something, some day, lol, but now the poor little thing is barely even there. Not that it was worth noticing anyway. But that is what makes it so entertaining for Me.

I like humiliating you and watching your silly face turn red. And since red is the color of the season, how appropriate it is to lead you down the path to finding yourself on the naughty list. So gather your candy canes, pets and don’t forget those Christmas balls. I am sure they will look lovely hanging from your nipples while I find an appropriate place for those jingle bells.

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The School Nurse Is In. It’s Time For your Fall Registration Examination

schoolnurse-vin copyThe school nurse is in and some of you sissies have not yet had your mandatory fall registration examination.

I know that the clinical atmosphere, smells and the feel of rubber gloves against your skin can be a little unsettling, not to mention all the poking and probing of all your private parts but it has to be. There is no way out of it.

No sense trying to avoid it sissy. As humiliating as it can be. It is going to happen.

Now go put on your uniform sissy and don’t forget to put on clean panties. you don’t want stains all over your panties to be the first thing the nurse sees now do you?

Hurry along now and report to the school nurse at once!

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Some Pet Peeves Phone Sex Operators Post In Public Forums


Are you memorable?

While visiting a PSO forum today I happened to see comments on some pet peeves PSOs have. After reading the samples I will post below, it strikes Me that here at the sissy Academy I should also help you little subbies with your phone sex etiquette. So listen up ladybois and puppets everything on this site is susceptible to a pop quiz!

As you know under VIpets, which I now think W/we will make an official study hall assignment series, I have spoken about making yourself memorable to the Goddess of your dreams. (Go look it up on the site and familiarize yourself.)

The goal here is to help you to learn how to properly interact with your Goddess so that when you are in Her domain you will know how to please Her. Not yourself, not your ego, not even your fantasy ALL of that belongs to your Mistress or Goddess. It is NOT up to Her to impress you. As in real life, if you want the Goddess of your dreams to give you the time of day it is up to YOU to impress HER.

It’s up to you to make Her life less complicated. It’s up to you to obey and submit to Her will. Asking Her some of the things these Ladies speak of is not a submissive way to act and obviously you are clearly not working to please Her. you do yourself a great disservice when you don’t go out of your way to be of service to your Mistress and have something to bring to the table besides your ego and your pathetic cock. Here are but a few examples of how some of you act.

  • PSOs Statement: Why in the world would a guy expect you to remember him after 2 months, when he has only spoken with you once and the call lasted less then 2 minutes? I had one such caller today and he was asking me about our last time together and expected me to remember it. (He had spent less than $2.50 with her, ever! She goes on to say.) If you have to ask you know you are not very memorable.
  • Or this PSO Comment: It’s really difficult when a guy goes by a common name and I haven’t heard from him in months or sometimes even years. Then they want me to remember exactly who they are and what we talked about. I have over two dozen guys with the same name and they all have different fetishes and fantasies.
  • Another PSOs Comment: How about this one. You haven’t spoken to a guy in over 5 months and he calls and says, “You must speak with thousands of guys but I know you remember me.”
  • And this Goddess points out: You haven’t heard a peep out of a guy in 4-6 months and he calls and says, “Our last call was so hot. Can we do it again?”

Pets you have no idea how extremely common this is. If you want to have a fantasy with a happy ending you must do better than the examples above. These Ladies are not robots and it is humanly impossible for most of the population to be able to remember others under these circumstances. As worthless and ditsy as W/we both know some of you are, try to exercise some common sense.

Remember you are here to win the attention and affections of your Goddess and Mistress and this is not the way you want to be thought of when She thinks of you.


Tough Enough To Be A sissy

This afternoon while reading some of the news headlines I came across this article, “He’s tough enough to be a sissy in Wyoming.” and it gave Me moment to pause as I recall how many times I have told My dear pets, that their submission is a strength, not a weakness, but a gift that only some will ever have the courage to explore.

I have to say that few things give Me as much pleasure as seeing one of you little puppets finally taking those mincing sissy steps into the world of cross-dressing, feminization and sissification. The shear delight you express at putting on your first pair of brand new panties, that you had to purchase on your own. The cute little coy look you give, and that silly little smile, when you adorn your lips for Me in that pretty pink lip gloss. And oh how your sissy eyelashes flutter as you stand there with that adorable demure look, some of you get, on Mistresses first inspection.

Needless to say this little sissy brought a smile to My face as I saw him blossoming into the sissy he is meant to be and standing up for who he is, while taking his place in life. Here is his story…


He’s tough enough to be a Sissy in Wyoming


Longtime cross-dresser Sissy Goodwin of Douglas, Wyo., has been anything but weak as he stands up to bigotry in the Cowboy State.

October 3, 2013

Sissy Goodwin is out shopping. He’s on the hunt for an industrial-sized wrench for a home handyman project along with two special somethings: colored hair bows and a pretty new dress — preferably red, size 12.

He walks through a mall, a linebacker-sized figure in a pink skirt, lacy yellow blouse and five-o’clock shadow; a gold lamé purse slung over his shoulder and a white bow affixed to his receding gray hair. The 67-year-old college science instructor looks straight ahead, ignoring the stares and the catcalls.

“Boy, you’re cute,” says a middle-aged woman, who then laughs derisively.

In a hardware store, a man shakes his head in disgust. Another asks, “Is it a prank? A joke?”

Back in the car, the object of such scorn puts on pink sunglasses adorned with a tiny red plastic bow. “I got them in Reno,” he says. “Aren’t they cool?” (click here to continue reading)


Cockwhore’s Daily Mantra

This is your new Daily Mantra.
Learn it and repeat it at least 12 times a day!
As humiliating as it is, know that I may require you
to recite it for Me at any time, without warning.
Consider yourself warned.

ch-dailymantra copy
Now you know why you need to subscribe to this blog, don’t you slut.
Laughing at you!


Can I Cum? Can I Cum? Oh Pleassse Principal Cummings Can I Cum?


I know how you are sissy, you sit around all day long, in class, looking at all the pretty panties, the other gurls are wearing and it makes that little male clitty of yours hard, doesn’t it sissy? Just the thought of those silky panties rubbing up against your penis and you want to shoot your load. Then here you come, begging Me to let you play with your little worm and squirt. NO! you can’t cum sissy. Why? Because I said so.

I’m the Principal. I’m the Head Mistress and I said no. Besides that, you know why. you know what you did. you can pretend that you don’t but W/we both know better. Oh you can play with it if you want to. In fact, I encourage it but you cannot and will not cum.

you can stroke till you bring yourself right to the edge, till your tiny balls get all swollen and blue but there will be no orgasm for you today. you see sissy I control your cock and you need to learn some self control. Look how pathetic you are, wiggling and squirming. I can almost see the anguish in you face. your tiny cock is leaking pre-cum all over your school uniform. Ha ha, the poor little thing is going flaccid. Now put it away you’re making the other gurls laugh and disrupting the class.

Maybe if you’re a good boi. I will let you cum tomorrow but than again, maybe I won’t. you need to report to My office and find out.
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