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What can I do to help when contacting Mistress for a phone sex fantasy?

First and foremost, communication is key! Fantasies and fetishes are as unique as the individuals who have them. There is no blanket term or roleplay scene that is going to play out exactly as you think it will. Each person brings to the table their own wants and desires. As experienced and intuitive as I am, their is no magic wand I can wave that will tell Me what you want or how to read your mind. you must communicate your needs and desires to Me.

Take some time and familiarize yourself with My listings and websites so that you can gain some incite and learn what is expected of you. Fill out My Service Application, to help you introduce your fantasy and feel free to use the Contact Form on this site if you have any questions.

How do I pay for my call using the niteflirt call system?

When you click on the niteflirt call button, here on the site, you will be directed to their payment platform. From there you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB credit and debits cards to add money to your NiteFlirt account.

How will the charges appear on my statement billed from nf?

Charges will appear on your statement as billed by “NF SERVICES” and if you are a new customer, on nf, your first 3 minutes are free.

Can I set up a designated time to place a call with you?

Yes. I charge a $10 fee to set up an appointment with Me, to help insure your prompt attendance. I then credit the fee toward your call once the call begins. If you do not attend or stay on the line long enough to use the full amount you forfeit the balance of your deposit. This is necessary to help some bois understand the value of My time and not be tardy to these set appointments.

Will you meet with Me in person?

No. I have been a lifestyle Dominatrix and ProDom for many years and have decided to take some time to travel. Between the up keep of My sites, the management of My slaves and the demands of a busy life. I am not taking on any new clients, for private sessions. No exceptions.

Do I need to request permission to call?

No. Anytime you see My call buttons set to available you are free to place a call with Me. Do be aware though, that I like to travel and sometimes I am on EST and at others I am on CST. Please be respectful of the early morning hours from 1a to 5a and do not place a call for less than a 10m session between these hours. I do keep Myself available for those who would like to place a call or need early hour appointments but I don’t take kindly to quickies at that early hour. Repeat offenders will be blocked. you can count on it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

If you have any additional questions

are experiencing difficulties with the website(s) or would like to arrange an appointment with Me and inquire on payment methods feel free to Contact Me here.


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