Tiny Dick Loser Looses Girlfriend to BBC



Every day I get an email from another tiny dick loser that looses his wife or girlfriend to a BBC. Yesterday I received such a letter and just thought I would share this losers story with you.

Here is his email….

“My girlfriend charity and I broke up a couple months ago. I think she was cheating on me, as her friend sarah dates black guys and was always trying to get charity to go out to parties with her. I’m not sure why, but charity always seems to do what sarah says.

A couple weeks ago I was at her house while she was at work and I found a lot of emails from sarah about wanting charity to get with a black guy. As I read through them, I discovered she eventually did. The most recent emails even have some pictures of her doing nasty things for them. Sarah has also been taking pictures of charity and sending them to guys.

Almost every day now I check her email when she’s at work and it’s getting worse and worse. I hate it, but i have masturbated many times to the pictures now. I even found some of her panties and I took them to masturbate with.

It’s really a messed up situtation and i don’t know what to do…i think sarah is turning her into a slut and charity seems to do whatever she says.”

What did you expect? Clearly Sarah is in the know and finally showed your girl Charity what a real man’s cock feels like. Honestly did you think she would stay with a dickless wonder like you once she got a hold of that BBC?

Furthermore, it looks to Me like you enjoyed it too. I can’t help but notice that you returned again and again to her computer to retrieve and view those awesome images, you sent Me, of her on her knees sucking that BBC and him pounding it in her wet, warm, pussy. lol


And didn’t you say you were calling Me wearing panties? Yes you did! Well at least you came to the right place.

Now pull up those sissy panties, losers and get yourself registered for the cuckolding class at once! your going to need it!


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The Art of Prostate Massage As Only The Principal Can Deliver

As many of you bois know Prostate Milking also known as Prostate Massage is one of the things I like to do to and for My subs on a regular basis. And, I am very proficient at executing it properly!
Prostate milking is not only one of My favorite fetishes but it is also a great way to keep that sweet spot in prime health and working condition for Mistresses use. And GODdess knows I am all about promoting sexual health!

Milking your prostate regularly not only helps to drain those pent up frustrations you may feel from being caged and unable to touch your pathetic sissystick when you think Mistress is not paying attention. But, it also helps to reduce prostate pain and a whole host of other prostrate issues.

Prostate milking has become very popular over the last several years and no longer is seen as something that needs to be done in a clinical environment. And of course Mistresses everywhere have known about it for decades! There are even toys that you can put in your toy chest to help you with the project.





Don’t know where your prostate is located? Refer to the image on your left for reference.






And here are some Mistress approved toys, that I encourage you to add to your toy chest.



Now Report to The School Nurse At Once For A Proper Milking!

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Here at the sissy Academy we strive to keep you naughty bois and sissies in prime working order.

Winter Solstice Is Upon Us

Happy Holidays From Head Mistress Principal Alexandria CummingsWinter Solstice is upon U/us and as if it couldn’t possibly get any worse for some of you little dick wonders, your pathetic cocks are actually shriving up even smaller! I know that you try really hard to make it look like it could amount to something, some day, lol, but now the poor little thing is barely even there. Not that it was worth noticing anyway. But that is what makes it so entertaining for Me.

I like humiliating you and watching your silly face turn red. And since red is the color of the season, how appropriate it is to lead you down the path to finding yourself on the naughty list. So gather your candy canes, pets and don’t forget those Christmas balls. I am sure they will look lovely hanging from your nipples while I find an appropriate place for those jingle bells.

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The School Nurse Is In. It’s Time For your Fall Registration Examination

schoolnurse-vin copyThe school nurse is in and some of you sissies have not yet had your mandatory fall registration examination.

I know that the clinical atmosphere, smells and the feel of rubber gloves against your skin can be a little unsettling, not to mention all the poking and probing of all your private parts but it has to be. There is no way out of it.

No sense trying to avoid it sissy. As humiliating as it can be. It is going to happen.

Now go put on your uniform sissy and don’t forget to put on clean panties. you don’t want stains all over your panties to be the first thing the nurse sees now do you?

Hurry along now and report to the school nurse at once!

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Cockwhore’s Daily Mantra

This is your new Daily Mantra.
Learn it and repeat it at least 12 times a day!
As humiliating as it is, know that I may require you
to recite it for Me at any time, without warning.
Consider yourself warned.

ch-dailymantra copy
Now you know why you need to subscribe to this blog, don’t you slut.
Laughing at you!


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