Fall Smoky Eye 2015~sissy Transformation Tutorial

Who doesn’t like the dramatic smoky eye look?



A huge part of feminization, for the cross-dresser or sissy, is learning how to transform themselves from the boi they pretend to be into the exotic and beautiful woman they that is hiding in the shadows. And nothing takes her out of hiding better than the erotic, feminine, smoky eye. Oh how she taunts and teases with those haunting windows to her soul. It’s time for the woman in you to come out.


Learn how to create this dramatic Fall Smoky Eye with this step-by-step tutorial.


sissy Confession~sissy tornz

A true confession from sissy tornz

Edited with paragraphs for easier reading. The panty boi seems to have forgotten what they are, silly boi!

pinksissypanties2When I wear panties I feel like a whore depending on the style of panty e.g. a thong makes me feel like a slut/whore as to me it means that I’m open you just need to move the fabric where as a full back to me feels like ope I’m not open at the moment although a slut should always reopen 24/7 which is why I why ill always try and get a thong.

But no matter what the style of panty it always feels great i cant can’t wait to be shaved completely especially my legs as I believe this will emphasize the sensation of wearing panties. I also love the different fabrics of panties as being brought up as a male Ive really only had cotton underwear but now that I’ve got access to panties now its almost like a new world has opened for me and I’m ready to explore it, and omg some of the fabrics like lace and satin are like to die for as they are incredibly soft well cotton panties to me should only be worn by actual females while they are on their periods.

Ive been wearing panties for about a year on and off now and go to the salon once every couple of months and get a facial and pedi and oh my god I just love it sometimes I wish i could have the courage to tell the beauticians there that I’m a sissy even though I’ve only just started my journey this is how i will always try to refer to myself as that is how i feel on the inside.

Ive already told them I don’t care about the pressures that society puts on us to be the gender we were assigned as birth. I wish i had more courage so that I can tell them the truth to see if they could help me.

sissy steele asks…


Hi Principal, stickylips_2

I’ve been doing the sissy thing for a while now, and I’ve been getting far, and the chance to suck a real cock has appeared but I don’t know if I should or not. Any advice for a wanna be cocksucker?

Thank you

Sucking cock for the first time is like a right of passage for wanna-be little cocksuckers like you. The pure thrill of having that hot sticky man spunk shoot down your throat and all over your sissy face, for the first time, is some thing you will never, ever forget. Of course you should take advantage of that opportunity. Obviously, it’s some thing that you have been thinking about, a lot! And, it is an important part of your sissification. It’s time to get out that whore red lipstick sissy and make that fantasy a reality.


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The Outing Of Sissy Or Not

mask-transparent-young-woman-010675107324As you know, I am always looking for ways to help My sissies come out of the closet and be able to connect with Me on a more personal level. I do My very best to let you know that the time you spend with Me, is O/our time and that I will always do what I can to protect you and your privacy, even from yourself if necessary, but I do enjoy inspecting you on skype and having skype calls with you.

Some of My pet’s wear Mardi Gras masks, which are quite lovely and really do a great job of making you feel more feminine and giving you the anonymity that you may desire. Though trust Me I do try to push your limits and put you in humiliating and sometimes public places, from time to time. Some of you just need and deserve that!

Well recently one of My sissy sluts showed Me her new mask.

(See the image above.) It looks awesome and come to find out you can also purchase these on Amazon and eBay as well. I encourage you gurls to check these out. I know from experience that it opens a whole new world for you and allows you some freedom to be just who you are. A sissy!

Now go look around. See what you can find and send Me a nice picture of you in your new mask and of course you will want to wear your best sissy outfit to make a proper presentation, for Me.


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There you Are Still Straddling The Fence

opening-doorPart of you wants to sneak in and grab your favorite gurly outfit and go shopping at the Mall. And another part of you wants hide your ladyboi self from the world, god forbid should anyone find out that you’re just a little sissy inside. You have been such a good gurl today, once again pretending to be a boi.

You went to work and put on those horrible man clothes and all you really wanted was to feel the rustle of your lacy panties underneath your trousers. It’s just not fair! And I agree with you. Only a real man should be able to wear man clothes but you My pet you are just a sissy and you need to be able to find your own place in life.

What you need is a strong Mistress to guide you and show you the way. Now report to My office at once, sissy gurl! The Head Mistress, Principal Cummings, is waiting sissy and She has left the door open, just for you.


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Tough Enough To Be A sissy

This afternoon while reading some of the news headlines I came across this article, “He’s tough enough to be a sissy in Wyoming.” and it gave Me moment to pause as I recall how many times I have told My dear pets, that their submission is a strength, not a weakness, but a gift that only some will ever have the courage to explore.

I have to say that few things give Me as much pleasure as seeing one of you little puppets finally taking those mincing sissy steps into the world of cross-dressing, feminization and sissification. The shear delight you express at putting on your first pair of brand new panties, that you had to purchase on your own. The cute little coy look you give, and that silly little smile, when you adorn your lips for Me in that pretty pink lip gloss. And oh how your sissy eyelashes flutter as you stand there with that adorable demure look, some of you get, on Mistresses first inspection.

Needless to say this little sissy brought a smile to My face as I saw him blossoming into the sissy he is meant to be and standing up for who he is, while taking his place in life. Here is his story…


He’s tough enough to be a Sissy in Wyoming


Longtime cross-dresser Sissy Goodwin of Douglas, Wyo., has been anything but weak as he stands up to bigotry in the Cowboy State.

October 3, 2013

Sissy Goodwin is out shopping. He’s on the hunt for an industrial-sized wrench for a home handyman project along with two special somethings: colored hair bows and a pretty new dress — preferably red, size 12.

He walks through a mall, a linebacker-sized figure in a pink skirt, lacy yellow blouse and five-o’clock shadow; a gold lamé purse slung over his shoulder and a white bow affixed to his receding gray hair. The 67-year-old college science instructor looks straight ahead, ignoring the stares and the catcalls.

“Boy, you’re cute,” says a middle-aged woman, who then laughs derisively.

In a hardware store, a man shakes his head in disgust. Another asks, “Is it a prank? A joke?”

Back in the car, the object of such scorn puts on pink sunglasses adorned with a tiny red plastic bow. “I got them in Reno,” he says. “Aren’t they cool?” (click here to continue reading)


Cockwhore’s Daily Mantra

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As humiliating as it is, know that I may require you
to recite it for Me at any time, without warning.
Consider yourself warned.

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