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Tiny Dick Loser Looses Girlfriend to BBC



Every day I get an email from another tiny dick loser that looses his wife or girlfriend to a BBC. Yesterday I received such a letter and just thought I would share this losers story with you.

Here is his email….

“My girlfriend charity and I broke up a couple months ago. I think she was cheating on me, as her friend sarah dates black guys and was always trying to get charity to go out to parties with her. I’m not sure why, but charity always seems to do what sarah says.

A couple weeks ago I was at her house while she was at work and I found a lot of emails from sarah about wanting charity to get with a black guy. As I read through them, I discovered she eventually did. The most recent emails even have some pictures of her doing nasty things for them. Sarah has also been taking pictures of charity and sending them to guys.

Almost every day now I check her email when she’s at work and it’s getting worse and worse. I hate it, but i have masturbated many times to the pictures now. I even found some of her panties and I took them to masturbate with.

It’s really a messed up situtation and i don’t know what to do…i think sarah is turning her into a slut and charity seems to do whatever she says.”

What did you expect? Clearly Sarah is in the know and finally showed your girl Charity what a real man’s cock feels like. Honestly did you think she would stay with a dickless wonder like you once she got a hold of that BBC?

Furthermore, it looks to Me like you enjoyed it too. I can’t help but notice that you returned again and again to her computer to retrieve and view those awesome images, you sent Me, of her on her knees sucking that BBC and him pounding it in her wet, warm, pussy. lol


And didn’t you say you were calling Me wearing panties? Yes you did! Well at least you came to the right place.

Now pull up those sissy panties, losers and get yourself registered for the cuckolding class at once! your going to need it!


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sissy steele asks…


Hi Principal, stickylips_2

I’ve been doing the sissy thing for a while now, and I’ve been getting far, and the chance to suck a real cock has appeared but I don’t know if I should or not. Any advice for a wanna be cocksucker?

Thank you

Sucking cock for the first time is like a right of passage for wanna-be little cocksuckers like you. The pure thrill of having that hot sticky man spunk shoot down your throat and all over your sissy face, for the first time, is some thing you will never, ever forget. Of course you should take advantage of that opportunity. Obviously, it’s some thing that you have been thinking about, a lot! And, it is an important part of your sissification. It’s time to get out that whore red lipstick sissy and make that fantasy a reality.


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