VIP pets

Serving Goddess Mistress Alexandria

VIP pets

Some of you bois will never have the opportunity to serve a beautiful Goddess such as I. That’s why it’s even more important for you to learn how to find your place in My world. you boi need training!

That’s why I am giving you the opportunity to become one of My VIP pets. Unfortunately some of you have been allowed to wonder aimlessly on your own for way to long. you have totally forgotten what common curtsey is and you have developed some very bad habits.

As a student of the sissy Academy and some of you, personal slaves of Mine. It is up to Me, as your Mistress, to teach you the proper protocols and mannerisms expected from a subject such as yourself. That is why I have created VIP pets. As much as I like dealing out punishments when punishments are due. I also deeply enjoy rewarding slaves who do their best to entertain Me, serve and obey and in general strive to make My life more simplified and comfortable.

So how do you become a VIP pet? It’s a no brainier really.

  • Use proper phone etiquette when placing a call with Me. Don’t just drop the phone in the cradle the moment you have had your happy ending. It’s rude and that is just common sense. Not to mention that it is NOT a very submissive act now is it? So be on your best behavior when you enter into My domain. There is a point where fantasy drops off and reality picks up and the reality is you’re not going to find any favor with Me by being rude and thoughtless.
  • Take some time and review My websites and listings. Get familiar with My expectations of you, answer a few questions or, better yet, fill out My Service Application and send it back to Me. The more W/we get to know about each other and the more I know about your triggers and hot spots the stronger the foundation for your fantasies.
  • Fetishes and fantasies are just as unique as the individuals who have them. you owe it to yourself to allow your limits to be tested. Bring something to the table besides your penis. Don’t expect Me struggle to figure out what it is you want. That’s not going to happen.
  • Remember to leave your five-star rating and written feedback after each and every call or purchase. This is another way of showing your appreciation and devotion to Me and helps in ways you may never know.
  • Show your appreciation. Take a moment to send a nice note now and again. Send a tribute once in a while. Goddesses love gifts and I love the unexpected things My slaves do just to brighten My day. Though it is not expected it is always appreciated and more than that; it makes you memorable. I for one remember My good and obedient slaves and the lovely things they do for Me. Disconcerting, disobedient and rude submissives will quickly find they have no place in My domain. So be on your best behavior.


VIP pets

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