Month – January 2014

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The Outing Of Sissy Or Not

mask-transparent-young-woman-010675107324As you know, I am always looking for ways to help My sissies come out of the closet and be able to connect with Me on a more personal level. I do My very best to let you know that the time you spend with Me, is O/our time and that I will always do what I can to protect you and your privacy, even from yourself if necessary, but I do enjoy inspecting you on skype and having skype calls with you.

Some of My pet’s wear Mardi Gras masks, which are quite lovely and really do a great job of making you feel more feminine and giving you the anonymity that you may desire. Though trust Me I do try to push your limits and put you in humiliating and sometimes public places, from time to time. Some of you just need and deserve that!

Well recently one of My sissy sluts showed Me her new mask.

(See the image above.) It looks awesome and come to find out you can also purchase these on Amazon and eBay as well. I encourage you gurls to check these out. I know from experience that it opens a whole new world for you and allows you some freedom to be just who you are. A sissy!

Now go look around. See what you can find and send Me a nice picture of you in your new mask and of course you will want to wear your best sissy outfit to make a proper presentation, for Me.


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There you Are Still Straddling The Fence

opening-doorPart of you wants to sneak in and grab your favorite gurly outfit and go shopping at the Mall. And another part of you wants hide your ladyboi self from the world, god forbid should anyone find out that you’re just a little sissy inside. You have been such a good gurl today, once again pretending to be a boi.

You went to work and put on those horrible man clothes and all you really wanted was to feel the rustle of your lacy panties underneath your trousers. It’s just not fair! And I agree with you. Only a real man should be able to wear man clothes but you My pet you are just a sissy and you need to be able to find your own place in life.

What you need is a strong Mistress to guide you and show you the way. Now report to My office at once, sissy gurl! The Head Mistress, Principal Cummings, is waiting sissy and She has left the door open, just for you.


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