Month – December 2013

Winter Solstice Is Upon Us

Happy Holidays From Head Mistress Principal Alexandria CummingsWinter Solstice is upon U/us and as if it couldn’t possibly get any worse for some of you little dick wonders, your pathetic cocks are actually shriving up even smaller! I know that you try really hard to make it look like it could amount to something, some day, lol, but now the poor little thing is barely even there. Not that it was worth noticing anyway. But that is what makes it so entertaining for Me.

I like humiliating you and watching your silly face turn red. And since red is the color of the season, how appropriate it is to lead you down the path to finding yourself on the naughty list. So gather your candy canes, pets and don’t forget those Christmas balls. I am sure they will look lovely hanging from your nipples while I find an appropriate place for those jingle bells.

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