Month – August 2013

Can I Cum? Can I Cum? Oh Pleassse Principal Cummings Can I Cum?


I know how you are sissy, you sit around all day long, in class, looking at all the pretty panties, the other gurls are wearing and it makes that little male clitty of yours hard, doesn’t it sissy? Just the thought of those silky panties rubbing up against your penis and you want to shoot your load. Then here you come, begging Me to let you play with your little worm and squirt. NO! you can’t cum sissy. Why? Because I said so.

I’m the Principal. I’m the Head Mistress and I said no. Besides that, you know why. you know what you did. you can pretend that you don’t but W/we both know better. Oh you can play with it if you want to. In fact, I encourage it but you cannot and will not cum.

you can stroke till you bring yourself right to the edge, till your tiny balls get all swollen and blue but there will be no orgasm for you today. you see sissy I control your cock and you need to learn some self control. Look how pathetic you are, wiggling and squirming. I can almost see the anguish in you face. your tiny cock is leaking pre-cum all over your school uniform. Ha ha, the poor little thing is going flaccid. Now put it away you’re making the other gurls laugh and disrupting the class.

Maybe if you’re a good boi. I will let you cum tomorrow but than again, maybe I won’t. you need to report to My office and find out.
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